About StoreExpress

Characteristics of StoreExpress include its ability to
“develop”, “propose” and “sell” products suited for the installation
and operation of distribution businesses

Ever since our establishment in 1975, we have focused strongly on responding to different needs and providing solutions to stores.

We work on solving various store related problems by designing and constructing retail facilities and also providing consumables, equipment, store shelving and fixtures.

In addition, we have created our original brand for store shelving and fixtures for low costs, high quality and quick delivery.

Basing our work on Japanese values and specifications has allowed us to be highly evaluated by stores around the world. We continue to expand our business to the international market.

Company Motto

StoreExpress, refers to our idea of promptly delivering necessities to retail stores.

To respond to various requests from retail stores, TENKEN endeavors to promptly respond to customer needs by having a wide product line including packaging, fixtures and articles crucial to retail businesses.

Our Three Strengths

High Quality

Strict Quality Control run by our QC Team and In-house Engineers

All of our product qualities including our own brand product line, StoreExpress Originals, are strictly controlled by our QC team made up of in-house engineers that are in charge of product development and 10 in-house product quality inspectors.

Quick Delivery

Shortening Production Lead Time through a Continued Production System

Products manufactured in Japan are constantly in stock so we can react quickly to emergency orders and shipping requests. Similarly, products manufactured abroad can be promptly processed and shipped since they are in constant production.

Low Prices

Cost Reduction from Mass Production

Based on careful market research and detailed planning, our products are continuously manufactured for at least 12 months. This reduces material loss and waste, thus improving production efficiency.
Through this, we have managed to gain substantial cost reduction in comparison to that of built-to-order production systems.